Australian High Commission
New Zealand


Australian High Commission Wellington


The Australian High Commission is the official representative of the Australian Government in New Zealand. We provide a range of services to the public, including consular and passport services. We also act on behalf of various Australian Government authorities by representing Australia's interests to local, regional, and multilateral government and business organisations in New Zealand.


Employment at the High Commission in Wellington is based on merit.  To be eligible for selection, all candidates must satisfy the essential job requirements and meet any security clearance conditions. A selection committee is often – but not always – used where a number of candidates are to be assessed . A list of suitable candidates may be established whenever the High Commission completes a selection process.

The Recruitment and Selection Process

All positions advertised at the Australian High Commission, Wellington have a job description setting out the responsibilities and tasks of the job and the key competencies, skills, and/or qualifications required to perform in the position.

Resumes are reviewed based on the applicant’s skills, qualifications, and relative suitability to the role. Those applicants considered most suitable may be contacted for interview.

A selection committee may be established to assess applicants against the requirements of the job. There are no restrictions on the way in which applicants are assessed but they must be compared fairly.  Examples of ways to gather information about the suitability of an applicant include, but are not limited to:

  • Requesting a CV and/or a written application

  • Asking applicants to address specific requirements of the job, or make a ‘pitch’ – written or by video

  • Conducting interviews face to face or via video

  • Written or verbal testing, including psychological or aptitude testing

  • Seeking example of past work

  • Contacting referees.   

Overseas Applicants, Please Note the Following

The Australian High Commission in Wellington does not sponsor applicants for New Zealand work visas.

The Australian High Commission will not be responsible for the cost of relocation, nor the return of the staff member and family to their country of origin at the end of the contract. All relocation costs are at the expense of the officer, including travel, personal effects, and accommodation in New Zealand.